The Center for Third World Organizing is a racial justice organization dedicated to building social justice movements led by people of color. We were established in 1980 as a training and resource center that promotes and sustains direct-action organizing in communities of color in the United States.

As a hub, CTWO along with the Ruckus Society, BlackOUT Collective and Black Land and Liberation Initiative continues its vision and mission to build and sustain a thriving social justice movement led by communities of color. We work to create a space for education, innovation, and experimentation and support the work of 3 innovative training organizations by combining and streamlining our back-end work so that each project can better focus on their mission and programs. Together, our impact is greater, our reach goes further, and our organizations become more sustainable.

We function under one shared leadership and governance structure, while maintaining independent programs – all aimed at the same goal of growing and supporting movements through different strategies and tactics.

  • Monthly wellness stipend

  • Generous vacation packages

  • Monthly Technology Stipend

  • Employer-matched Retirement

  • Fully Paid Health Benefits



Our Team

Meet the Team across the Hub

  • Chinyere Tutashinda

    Executive Director

  • Ren Trueblood

    Development and Data Organizer

  • Kelly Ortiz

    Communications Manager

  • Youma Traore

    Program Associate

  • Avery Bizzell

    Managing Director

  • Kierra Sims

    Development Director

  • Rheema Calloway

    Program Coordinator

  • Brianna Gibson

    Director of Action Strategy and Training

  • Eva Cardenas

    Ruckus Program Manager